Moyas song

Moya’s Song
first performance: 28-5-2017, Orgelpark, Amsterdam
Jelena Bazova – organ
Chamber Choir Ad Parnassum
conductor: Anthony Zielhorst

Moya’s Song is based on the poem DEAF POETS. It is a miracle of simplicity. With forceful, forthright imagery the poet Moya Howlett confronts us with the harsh reality: from the place where we were before we were born (…our lost land) we are put into the world and finally, when our body (…the ruined cathedrals of our flesh) collapses, we return again. Our presence here has an end.

Living with this reality is only possible if it is shouted down by the noise of everyday life (…the sound of the world’s brass). Until after all truth (…that inner bitter plangent crying) forces us to give in (…it brings us ever to our knees).

The composition is based on the two opening notes (a minor ninth) of the ADAGIO of Anton Bruckner’s unfinished 9TH SYMPHONY, the perfect, musical representation of human powerlessness in the face of destiny.

Words and parts of sentences are repeated over and over again in ever changing musical surroundings, resulting in a multicoloured, kaleidoscopic sound-picture of Moya Howlett’s poem.

In order to truly enter our lost land
early or late we have to pay a toll
from that faculty only too well tuned
to the sound of the world’s brass
so that we may all the better hear
that inner bitter plangent crying
as of seals calling in a black mist
it brings us ever to our knees
in all the ruined cathedrals of our flesh

Moya Howlett
(from the collection of poems US by Moya Howlett, published by David Barton
45 Wellmeadow Road, Hither Green, London SE13 6SY)