Maraens Trompetten

Maraens Trompetten (1980)

commissioned by the Dutch Government
first performance: May 13-1981, Theater ’t Hoogt, Utrecht
Baldrick Deerenberg and Bart Coen – alto recorders

A recorder is a shy instrument, a trumpet is not, it blares and demands attention.
In this piece an attempt is made to turn recorders into trumpets.
First of all by amplifying them electronically throughout the whole piece. Besides, the recorder players often sing (hum) at the same time as playing their instruments, which changes the timbre fundamentally.
But, in the end, in spite of their tough behaviour the recorders are swept away by a shaky church organ on cd.
Halfway a line from an old Dutch folksong is quoted: tough words of the Dutch soldier, who in the end will taste defeat against the Spanish oppressor.

words: Yet see what strong a beginning right now! Who always us like this…