Blind Boy Fuller

Blind Boy Fuller (1966, revision 1968)

first performance: November 5-1968, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
Baldrick Deerenberg – alto recorder
Jacques Bank – piano

A playful, light-footed interaction between recorder and piano is suddenly interrupted by a recording of A thousand Women Blues (Chicago 1940), sung by the American blues singer Blind Boy Fuller.
After this unexpected intermezzo the performers play on, this time also using their voices. They sing a line taken from the blues that was played a few minutes ago.
The part of the singer (female or male) is facultative. Entirely independently from the players, he/she sings five fragments: the first one on the stage and the following four fragments while moving away further and further from the stage. After the last fragment he/she leaves the hall.

words: Even when I tease her the cold tears run over me