Major Taylor, the fastest Bicycle Rider in the World (2007/08/09)
opera with a prologue, 4 acts, 2 interludes and an epilogue
for clarinet solo, speaking voice (actress), soprano, baritone, mixed choir,
cd and orchestra (2fl/picc 3sax h 3trp 2trb 1trb-b pf/synth disklavier guit-b/cb 3perc)
textbook: Fer Bank
duration: 70′
publishers: MCN

De ondergeschoven Koningin (The illegitimate Queen) (2005)
choir opera with an introduction, a prologue and 5 acts
for speaking voice (actor/actress), mixed choir, 2 accordions and percussion (2 players)
textbook: A.Alberts (1911-1995)
duration: 57′
publishers: MCN

De Bijlmer Opera (2000)
opera with 17 scenes
for baritone, soprano, actor, mixed choir and orchestra (fl/picc 3sax h 3trp 2trb 1trb-b pf guit-b/cb 2perc)
textbook: Fer Bank
duration: 75′
publishers: MCN

The Piano Teacher (1991)
mini opera for children
for speaking pianist and 2 mime players
textbook: Fer Bank
(also available a concertversion for speaking pianist and slide projection ad libitum in
English, Dutch, French and German)
duration: 14′
publishers: MCN

Een Tanthologie (1986/87)
opera with a prologue, a recollection and an epilogue
for alto, baritone, bass, mixed chamber choir and chamber orchestra(2121 2110 2perc pf str)
textbook: Fer Bank (based on Die Psychologie der Erbtante by Erich Mühsam, 1878-1934)
duration: 65′
publishers: MCN